Syntax of Modern Greek-GREEK VERBAL SYSTEM

syntax of modern greek-greek verbal system?

Syntax of Modern Greek-GREEK VERBAL SYSTEM
Author: Rolf Hesse
Publisher: Uni of Copenhagen
Publication date: 2003
ISBN: 87 7289 823 2
Number of pages: 141

Format / Quality: pdf
Size: 5,3MB

27 of 351 been brought back . The present study provides a survey of the use of Modern Greek verbal forms. The first chapter deals with the problems of voice and transitivity, followed by some general remarks on the verbal aspect, a problem that causes non-native-speakers special difficulties. Subsequently the verbal forms are examined one by one, the imperfective being followed in each case by the corresponding perfective in order to make the aspectual opposition as clear as possible. Next, the uses of the “verbal particles” θα, να and ας are examined; finally, in two appendices some problems concerning indirect speech and the use of negatives are dealt with.


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