Bukhara: Musical Crossroads of Asia

bukhara musical crossroads of asia?

Bukhara: Musical Crossroads of Asia
Various Artists
COUNTRY(S) USSR (former); Uzbekistan
CULTURE GROUP(S) Bukharan; Bukharan Jewish; Bukharan Muslim
KEYWORD(S) Jewish; Religious; Spoken word; World music
INSTRUMENT(S) Dâira; Daire (Drum); Qairaq; Rabāb; Tanbūr; Vocals
LANGUAGE(S) Arabic; Aramaic; Hebrew (traditional); Tajiki; Uzbek
File: FLAC
Size: 299mb

In 1990, Theodore Levin and Otanazar Matykubov recorded the musical life of the ancient Central Asian trade center Bukhara. Their goal was to take an audio snapshot of a city that has for centuries created an amalgam of multiple musical cultures. Classical music of Persian Tajiks and Uzbeks mixes with Jewish and Islamic religious music, all of it overlaid with 70 years of Soviet cultural policy. (During and Levin 2002.)


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