Yidish-English-Hebreyischer Verterbukh (Yiddish-English-Hebrew Dictionary)

yidish-english-hebreyischer verterbukh yiddish-english-hebrew dictionary?

Yidish-English-Hebreyischer Verterbukh (Yiddish-English-Hebrew Dictionary)
Author: A. Harkavy
Publisher: author, Yiddish book center
Publication date: 1925
Number of pages: 546
Format / Quality: djvu
Size: 32 MB

For once, even I have something good to say about Hollywood. There is apparently an institution called S. Spielberg (yes, that one) Digital Yiddish Library, which strives to preserve Yiddish materials. I’d expect that there is something similar for Djudezmo/Ladino, not the mention the remote hope of an institute for the study of Judaeo-Arabic dialects and literature, oral and written. Anyway, I also have this one in print and I’ve liked it a lot, especially because of the trilingual combination. Yiddish has always been one of my favorite languages. It’s much better for telling jokes than German


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