Hungarian as a Pluricentric Language

hungarian as a pluricentric language?

Hungarian as a Pluricentric Language
Author: István Kenesei
Publisher: EFNIL Annual Conference 2006
Publication date: 2006
Number of pages: 29
Format / Quality: PDF / excellent + Power Point Presentation – full colour
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István Kenesei
Hungarian as a Pluricentric Language*
EFNIL Annual Conference 2006
1. Overview
2. Types of pluricentric languages
* I wish to thank Csilla Bartha and Tamás Váradi for their help in the preparations for my presentation at
the EFNIL Conference in Madrid, November 20, 2006, which was the basis of the present paper. The
use of maps from the Research Institute for National and Ethnic Minorities of the HAS is gratefully
EFNIL Annual Conference 2006

3. Facts and dangers of pluricentricity
4. Hungarian: The current situation
4. Areas of influence in a new approach to pluricentricity
5. Corpus linguistics: an aid to minor varieties
6. Conclusions and outlook
Corpus collection and dissemination of linguistic findings relating to results of research
gained from these efforts were coupled with consultations between the researchers in all
the regions concerned. This was itself an educational experience and an occasion to evidence
the importance of the minor varieties for speakers of the major ones. Due to these
actions new (editions of) monolingual dictionaries now contain a large number of entries
from the minor varieties of Hungarian, to the astonishment of some conservative linguists
and thinkers from the major region. But the process of ‘emancipation’ has started and cannot
be terminated.
7. References and further readings
The following tables and maps represent the presentation given at the EFNIL conference.
Hungarian as a Pluricentric Language
István Kenesei
Research Institute for Linguistics
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
The Research Institute for Linguistics
Types of Pluricentric Languages
Sources & types of differences
Status differences: Facts and/or dangers
Major Minor
(Socio)Linguistic distinctions: More (potential) dangers
Map 2: Hungarians in the region
Map 3: Hungarians in the region
Number of speakers in regions
Areas of influence: Maintenance and revitalization
Language maintenance
Map 3: Cultural institutions
Toward a more balanced picture
Hungarian National Corpus (HNC)
Hungarian Minority Language Corpus (HMLC)
Objectives of HMLC
Data in Hungarian Minority Language Corpus (HMLC)
Structure of HMLC and HNC by genre and region
Hungarian Minority Language Corpus in the Hungarian National Corpus

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