Common Phrases in Icelandic Language

common phrases in icelandic language?
Common Phrases in Icelandic Language
Author: Eva Natalja Robertsdattir
Publication date: 2007
Size: 214MB
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Learn how to speak common Iceland phrases in this free language lesson videos from our native Icelandic speaker.
You just nod your head and smile because you don’t have the slightest idea what the stranger in the blue parka is saying. They hold their hand about two feet off of the floor and make scary noises, which you think are funny so you laugh. Then they frantically wave their arms and speak more bizarre sounding words and you laugh again. Finally they throw up their hands and stomp off in disgust. If you had watched our series of videos on Icelandic phrases you would know that the stranger was trying warn you. But you couldn’t understand them. So you walked right outside that coffee house in Nesjavellir and into a trap set by the local gang of elves. You thought they were so cute at first, but you don’t think so anymore. Now you are working in an elf mine far beneath the earth’s surface, breathing elf burps and eating elf food for the rest of your miserable existence. All because you couldn’t speak the language.
By the time you watch all of the videos in this extensive language series, you’ll feel like you could jump right into a conversation in the heart of Reykjavík. Eva Natalja Robertsdattir begins with basic phrases such as “yes,” “no,” “good morning” then moves on to more advanced expressions such as “I’m afraid that I have to go now.” Our expert also facilitates your chat with the beautiful Bjork look-alike that you could possibly meet in a club with lines like “Did you come by yourself?” and “Do you have a boyfriend?” Yet this series is much more than the few random phrases you get in many language videos, it is a blueprint for successful communication on your trip to Iceland. You will learn the terms crucial to buying a train ticket or hailing a taxi as well as how to ask for directions in Icelandic. Want to know how to find out what time it is or how to ask for your medicine in a pharmacy, then watch these videos. Our expert even tells you how to discuss the weather with the locals!
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