Icelandic Conversations

icelandic conversations?
Icelandic Conversations
Author:K. Chapman, E. Trygvodottir, and P. Petursson
Publisher: Audio-Forum
Publication date: 1997
Format: mp3 (96kbps)
Size: 192MB
Target language: Icelandic
Source languages: English

Developed by K. Chapman, E. Trygvodottir, and P. Petursson (Harvard University) Icelandic Conversations assumes an intermediate knowledge of Icelandic and is designed to give speech practice.
5 CDs (4.5 hrs.) Although a book apparently exists, I, sadly, do not have it.


matthewpopov Here is the audio of this course in edited form. I have edited out all of the English, and all of the long, perhaps useless backwards repetition exercises. What is left is just the pure Icelandic dialogues, Assimil style. The 4.5 hours comes out to only 23 minutes. Please let me know if this is helpful, because I have edited the audio for many other courses, as well.

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