Icelandic: Grammar, Texts And Glossary

icelandic grammar texts and glossary?

Icelandic: Grammar, Texts And Glossary
Author: by Stefan Einarsson
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
Publication date: 1964
ISBN: 9780801863578
Number of pages: 578
Format / Quality: 300dpi scan > pdf
Size: 36mb

This classic book on the Icelandic language was written to aid the military, the businessman, the traveler, or any foreign resident in Iceland. Originally published in 1945, the grammar gives reliable information on pronunciation, inflexions, and syntax of the language. The texts are partly grammatical exercises for the beginner, partly colloquial dialogues, or descriptions of customs and manners in Iceland–town and country. The geography and nature of the country is also discussed and elucidated with maps and drawings.


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Remarks: Although dated, it’s still the best english-language book on the icelandic language!

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