Advanced Urdu (audio only)

advanced urdu audio only?

Advanced Urdu (audio only)
Author: Zarina Khand
Publisher: Bookland
Date: 2007
Pages: 220
ISBN: 9695380204
Format: mp3
Size: 38MiB
Target language:Urdu
Source languages: English

The textbook comes with an accompanying CD. This textbook covers the entire syllabus of GCE (AS & AL) level. It has been designed and laid out in line with the exact specification of SQA, AQA and GCE Urdu Edexcel Exams. The opening chapters are for Urdu intermediate and Scottish Higher qualification whilst the remainder of the book addresses in detail the six units of the Edexcel Urdu A level examinations. It is printed on a high quality glossy paper in colour with a variety of illustrations to inspire interest and aid learning. Unit 1 deals with the skills of listening and writing about situations which arise in everyday life. A selection of these have been recorded in the accompanying CD. Unit 2 focuses on reading along with the development of writing skills. A selection of varied texts is provided together with exercises to test comprehension. Units 3 and 4 develop a range of communication skills. Speaking skills are developed by providing the opportunities for the expression of opinions and discussion on a range of different topics in preparation for the oral exam. Units 5 and 6 cover the major part of the A level curriculum. Prescribed topics, texts and characters have been laid down in line with set texts as specified by the Edexcel GCE Urdu (8643) and (9643) syllabus.

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