An Audio Cassette Course in Kashmiri(A Hand book with 3 Audio Cassettes)

an audio cassette course in kashmiria hand book with 3 audio cassettes?

An Audio Cassette Course in Kashmiri(A Hand book with 3 Audio Cassettes)
Author: various
Publisher: Central Institute of Indian Languages
Publication date: 2002
ISBN: 8173420904
Number of pages: 114
Format / Quality: PDF+MP3/excellent
Size: 57,2MB

The Cassette Course on Kashmiri language, produced and introduced by Roop Krishen Bhat,Principal of our Northern Centre at Patiala, is a step in the direction of
promoting and propagating teaching/learning of this immensely rich language. The cassettes would be invaluable tools for those who wish to use them as self-instructional materials placing it along-side our regular course materials on Kashmiri.

The present Cassette Course in Kashmiri has been produced in the same series. Our teaching materials have so far been tried out through a series of 10 months Intensive Training Programme currently offered in the seven regional centres of the Institute at three levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced courses. The present set is, however, suitable to be used not only for such language learners who are to be taught as a part of our programme, but also by those who have had introduction to the language through a formal system, and yet have not
had chance to go beyond the basics. They cover a wide range of speech
styles used in the language so that both teachers and auto-learners of
Kashmiri as a L2 could benefit. The text used here are not merely
instances of ideal spoken styles, they are also used to emphasize on
certain recurring grammatical patterns and lexical coinages.


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