An introductory Primer & Grammar of Ahom (Tai) Language

an introductory primer grammar of ahom tai language?

An introductory Primer & Grammar of Ahom (Tai) Language
Author: J.N. PHUKAN
Publisher: Lacito – CNRS, Paris
Number of pages: 70
Format / Quality: pdf-excellent quality
Size: 562KB

Ahom is a “dead” language, and is associated with the Tai people who “landed” in Assam in the 12th century and further extended their rule from the 15th to the 19th century.

Many documents (most of them buranjis : chronicles) are written in this language, which are of paramount importance for Tai comparative studies and as primary sources for the history of North-Eastern India. Most of these documents are not published, but are deposited in various institutions, among which the Department of Historical and Antiquarian Studies, in Gauhati (Assam, India).

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