Colloquial Bengali (Book only)

colloquial bengali?

Colloquial Bengali (Book only)
Author: Nasrin Mithun, Wim Van Der Wurff
Publisher: Routledge
Publication date: Jan 2009
ISBN: 0415261198
Number of pages: 288

Format / Quality: PDF/Good
Size: 89mb

“The universe of Bengali-language resources is regrettably very small. … This book keeps material simple in the beginning and is quite user-friendly from the point of view of developing skill at speaking. The conversations in each chapter aren’t particularly deep or profound, but they certainly get more interesting as the book goes along. A particularly valuable feature is the extensive section on pronunciation which comes at the beginning and which the accompanying CD tracks very precisely. It is very much geared toward learning to speak the language (whereas TYB is more literary). This is definitely the best bet for a quick start into the world of everyday Bengali conversation. Coverage of grammar is quite easy to follow and the differences between Eastern and Western Bengali usage are noted as they occur (would that most other language books would do this).”


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