Grammar of the Bengali Language: Literary and Colloquial

grammar of the bengali language literary and colloquial?
Grammar of the Bengali Language: Literary and Colloquial
Author: Beames, John
Publisher: Oxford at the Clarendon Press
Publication date: 1891
Number of pages: 92
Format: pdf
Size: 5.1 mb
Quality: acceptable
Target language: Bengali
Source languages: English
This document is provided as-is. The quality is not fantastic, but it is readable.

Author’s note: The excellent grammar of the Bengali language written many years ago by Shama Charan Sarkar being now out of print, and a practical grammar appearing to be required, I have compiled the present work, based on that of Sarkar, with the assistance of Babu Priyanath Bhattacharyya, of Calcutta, who has, at my request, consulted several eminent Pandits on all doubtful and difficult points. I have especially aimed at making the work useful to those who desire to understand the spoken language of Bengal. The existing grammars deal almost exclusively with the literary language, which, as Bengali has during the present century been enriched by copious resusciation of Sanskrit terms, is often unintelligible to the mass of the population. Those works do not therefore adequately prepare the European student for communication with the lower and middle classes, with whom, whether as administrator, merchant, or planter, his business principally lies. It is hoped that the present work may supply this omission, while at the same time not neglecting the refinements of the higher style.

Bengali Grammar
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