Let’s Learn Sindhi – Interactive Multimedia CD ROM

lets learn sindhi - interactive multimedia cd rom?
Let’s Learn Sindhi – Interactive Multimedia CD ROM
size:176 Mb
format: iso
author: Sindhi Sangat
publisher: Indian Institute of Sindhology

Sindhi Sangat and the Indian Institute of Sindhology, take pleasure and pride in presenting this “LET’S LEARN SINDHI CD-ROM” an interactive multimedia CD-ROM.
It is a powerful tool and media:
– To understand and speak Sindhi
– To read and write Sindhi in Arabic script.
This is a computer-based training (CBT) program with extensive learning material for understanding and speaking Sindhi. It is assumed that the learner has basic knowledge of English. This is an ‘electronic’ book for self-learning. We have not published any book with this title.
In order to learn to speak like native speakers, a facility to record your own voice is available. Here
the learner can speak the Sindhi words and sentences to perfect his speech and compare with the pronunciations in the CD. To learn to write the language, the learner can print the screens for practicing cursive writing.
An extensive Help is available through all the modules of the CD-ROM. The graphical buttons make navigation through the modules straightforward.


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