Nevi Sara Kali – Roma Women’s Journal – 2010

nevi sara kali 2010?

Nevi Sara Kali – Roma Women’s Journal – 2010
Author: various
Publisher: Roma Women’s Association “For Our Children”
Publication date: 2010
Number of pages: 201
Format / Quality: pdf, excellent
Size: 4 mb

This journal addresses the complex and complicated topic of “Roma women” at the intersection of their geopolitical position, ethnicity, social and economic status and age with the aim to represent the socio-cultural diversity of Roma women, seen in their immediate communities, and in the context of their relationship with both Roma men and non-Roma women. Crucial for us is the understanding of how they are subjected to multiple and intersectional discrimination, but also how they are acting as powerful agencies by fighting for the enhancement of the society within which they live, and for improving their own life conditions but as well as of other subordinated and disadvantaged social categories.


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Remarks: Trilingual journal: articles side by side in Romanian, English and Romani. Excellent to improve one’s knowledge of the language.

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