Sinhalese-English Grammar and Exercise Book

sinhalese-english grammar and exercise book?

Sinhalese-English Grammar and Exercise Book
Publication date: 1999
Number of pages: 81
Format / Quality: PDF-zipped
Size: 3MB

Sinhalese-English Grammar and Exercise Book

Please note that this book is intended mostly for Siṇhalese people learning English; as such, it exemplifies correct English grammar and attempts to teach it to a Siṇhalese-speaking person.



This book aims at teaching Siṇhalese children in Anglo-Vernacular schools, who already know how to read and write easy English words.

As the vowels in the English Alphabet have various sounds, and the correct pronunciation of words is not easily acquired without the assistance of a teacher, I have thought it unnecessary to include any lessons on Pronunciation.

The lower classes should have explained to them in Siṇhalese, by the teacher, the Rules and Examples, which the higher classes should commit to memory.

The exercises should be done vivā voce in the lower classes, while in the higher standards they should be done in writing as well as vivā voce.

The advanced pupils should know the various forms of the present, past and future tenses of verbs, with their exact equivalents in Siṇhalese, and be able to parse easy sentences both in English and Siṇhalese.

The exercises may be used for transcription and for dictation. While correcting the translations, the teacher should point out the difference between the construction of Siṇhalese and English sentences.



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