Teach Yourself Hindi (Book+Audio)

Teach Yourself Hindi (Book+Audio)
Publisher: Teach Yourself
Author: Rupert Snell, Simon Weightman
Punblished : 2003
ISBN: 9780340866870
Format: Pdf(scan)+mp3
Size: 34Mb (pdf) + 48.6Mb (mp3)

This time the complete BOOK + CD !
Teach Yourself Hindi is a complete course in understanding, speaking and writing Hindi, the language spoken by over 275 million people throughout the world. If you are a beginner, or if your Hindi just needs brushing up, this course will progress quickly beyond the basics onto a level where you can communicate with confidence. The course has proved effective as teaching material for both class tuition and individual study.

Dr. Rupert Snell, co-author, is a Reader in Hindi at SOAS and has been using the current edition as a course book for his students for more than ten years.

Simon Weightman, co-author, also teaches at SOAS.

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