Arusi Persian Wedding / عروسی / חתונה פרסית שלי

arusi - persian wedding?

Arusi Persian Wedding / عروسی / חתונה פרסית שלי
Author: Marjan Tehrani, Azin Samari
Production: Tru Films, INC.
Publication date: 2008
Length: 63 minutes
Format / Quality: FLV / Medium Quality
Size: 373.3 MB
Languages: English & Persian, Hebrew Subtitles

For filmmaker Marjan Tehrani and her brother Alex, growing up Iranian-American has always meant being caught between two worlds. With unique perspective and intimate storytelling, Tehrani brings to life a compelling examination of US-Iranian relations through the personal journey of her brother Alex and his fiancée Heather’s trip to Iran to hold a traditional Persian wedding—just as the filmmaker’s Iranian father and American mother did at a time when Iran and the US were close allies.

As a tense dinner party between the couple’s families soon illustrates, relations between the US and Iran have changed significantly over the past 50 years, from the CIA-led coup that placed Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi in power, to the wary political climate of today. Tehrani sheds light on history largely unknown by her generation, with honesty, care, and a thoughtful collection of archival segments featuring historical footage, intelligence documents, and beautiful photographs taken by Alex himself. A universal love story set against a fascinating history, this heartfelt film offers a rare glimpse of Iran beyond politics, revealing its people and history in a personal, hopeful and human light.

فیلم در مورد عروسی پسری ایرانی ( برادر مرجان تهرانی ) و دختری آمریکایی است که بعد از ازدواج برای مراسم عروسی به شیوه ایرانی به ایران سفر میکنند و این فیلم به گونه ای سفرنامه مستندی از این زوج به ایران است.

מסע פרטי כדי לקיים חתונה פרסית מסורתית
עבור הבמאית מרג’אן טהראני ואחיה אלכס, לגדול כאמריקאים ממוצא פרסי משמעו היה תמיד להיקרע בין העולמות. היא יוצאת למסע פרטי לאיראן עם אחיה וארוסתו, על-מנת לקיים חתונה פרסית מסורתית, בדומה לזו שקיים אביה

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