Kurmanji Familiarization Course

kurmanji familiarization course?

Kurmanji Familiarization Course
Author: Developed for United States Special Operations Command
Publisher: Corps Foreign Language Training Center
Number of pages: 217
Format / Quality: pdf
Size: 10,5MB

The people who speak Kurmanji live in an area that includes several countries – Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria. These Kurdish people live mainly in the mountainous areas of the central and northern Zagros, the eastern one-third of the Taurus and Pontus, and the northern half of the Amanus mountain ranges. This
area is approximately 230,000 square miles or about the size of Texas. The mountains have always been the home of the Kurdish people and the means of their survival throughout their history. The highest elevations in these areas are Mt. Alvand in Iran at 11,745 feet, Mt. Halgurd in Iraq at 12,249 feet, Mt. Munzur in Turkey at 12,600 feet, and Mt. Ararat also in Turkey at 16,946 feet.


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