Lonely Planet Farsi (Persian) Phrasebook

Lonely Planet Farsi (Persian) Phrasebook
?????: Yavar Dehghani
????????????: Lonely Planets Publications
???: 2001
ISBN: 978-0864425812
???????: 253
??????: PDF
??????: 26 Mb
????????: ???????

From mystics to museums, barbers to bazaars, and art to archaeology, jump into the event with this phrasebook. Includes an extensive food section, transliterations throughout for easy pronunciation, a concise grammar section geared toward immediate and practical use, insider tips on culture and social etiquette, and a comprehensive two-way dictionary.

Yavar Dehghani was born in Iran. After completing a Bachelor degree in speech pathology and an MA in linguistics, he taught at universities in Tehran and Tabriz while writing several books on speech disorders and related areas. He has also translated several books from English into Persian.

Yavar completed a PhD in linguistics in Melbourne, and has published his thesis, A Grammar of Azari Including Comparisons with Persians (published by Lincom Europa). He’s currently lecturing at universities in Tehran.

amazon.com review:

Although this is a mini-sized paperback that could easily fit into your shirt pocket, it’s remarkably useful.

Each page typically has three columns: the leftmost is the English, the middle is the Farsi in romanized letters, and the right column is the Farsi in Arabic script. But it’s not merely a phrasebook: there are paragraphs scattered throughout to relieve the monotony.

For example, there are many, many notes on culture and linguistic usage. Considering how much information this book contains, it’s astonishing it’s so small. If the pages were made bigger, it could conceivably serve serve as a freshman-level text!

Really after studying from this I was impressed by how handy I became in Farsi, although in all honesty this is likely ascribable neither to my perspicacity nor the boon of this volume, but simply to the fact that Farsi is Indo-European, and so much of its grammar and sensibilities are readily apprehended by a Westerner.

But this book was a major help. When I reflect on how little it cost me versus how much use I got out of it, Lonely Planet’s “Farsi Phrasebook” may have been one of the most profitable purchases of my life.


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