One Hundred Afghan Persian Proverbs

one hundred afghan persian proverbs?

One Hundred Afghan Persian Proverbs
Author: J. Christy Wilson, Jr.
Publisher: Interlit Foundation, Peshawar, 2004 (First published as One Hundred Kabul Persian Proverbs in 1961)
Pages: 59
Format/Quality: rar > pdf / b/w, 300 dpi
Size: 5,1 MB

These proverbs have been selected from hundreds which have been carefully sifted. In fact there are literally thousands in use today. One collection has over 25,000 and this is by no means exhaustive.

On each page you will find the English translation of the Afghan Persian proverb. Much is lost in recasting them in a translated form. When honey is poured out, some always stays in the original jar. This is true in translating these proverbs from the Persian into English. A great deal of sweetness still remains in the original with its poetic rhythm and inimitable expression.


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