Rush Hour Italian + CD

rush hour italian cd?

Rush Hour Italian + CD
Author(-s): Howard Beckerman
Publisher: Berlitz International
Publication date: 2003
Format / Quality: MP3, RAR / Excellent
Language: Italian, English
ISBN-10: 9812462732
ISBN-13: 978-9812462732
Size: 138.3 MB

A musical language course for people on the go.
Rush Hour uses the power of catchy melodies and dynamic rhythms to introduce you to basic Italian expressions and vocabulary for every day life. Follow the main character, Jon through all the events of his day – as he learns Italian, so will you.
10 short lessons fit easily into you busy lifestyle
Topics include: greetings, telling time, transportation, weather, jobs, food, shopping, sports, and leisure activities. 2 CDs of language-learning lessons + Bonus CD with popular Rush Hour songs.

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