A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar

a dictionary of basic japanese grammar?

A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar
Author: Seiichi Makino and Michio Tsutsui
Publisher: The Japan Time
Publication date: jan 1994(18th print)
ISBN: 4789004546
Number of pages: 644
Format / Quality: pdf
Size: 24 mb

A DICTIONARY OF BASIC JAPANESE GRAMMAR offers a new approach to the interpretation of Japanese grammar and provides, in dictionary format, a convenient reference of grammar-related expressions. Accurate and concise, the grammar explanations incorporate the results of recent research in Japanese linguistics.

This work is designed primarily for such people as those who:

-are not satisfied with the grammar explanations in Japanese textbooks.
-have studied Japanese grammar but need more comprehensive information about its use in different contexts.
-want to learn the distinctions among similar grammatical expressions.
-are looking for a supplement to dictionaries which lack grammatical explanations.
-need a basic grammar review.

A DICTIONARY OF BASIC JAPANESE GRAMMAR consists of five sections. The first section familiarizes the reader with the grammatical terms used throughout the text. The second provides an overview of the major grammar items. The third and main portion of the text is devoted to descriptions and explanations of the basic grammar items. The fourth and fifth sections, consisting of eight appendixes and three indexes, complete the text.

This book helps the reader obtain an in-depth understanding of basic grammar structures, which leads to more accurate usage. Overall, it constitutes a standard reference for Japanese and can be considered indispensable to the study of the language.

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