NTC’s New Japanese-English Character Dictionary

ntcs new japanese-english character dictionary?NTC’s New Japanese-English Character Dictionary
Author: Jack Halpern
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Publication date: 1994
ISBN: 0844284343
Number of pages: 2232
Format: DJVU, scanned/very good
Size: 1.1 GB

The New Japanese-English Character Dictionary is a totally new reference work designed to enable the learner to gain an in-depth understanding of how Chinese characters are used in contemporary Japanese.
Normally, the student faces the task of learning countless compound words as unrelated units. A unique feature of this dictionary that helps overcome this difficulty is the presentation of a central of core meaning, a concise English keyword that defines the most dominant meaning of each character, followed by detailed character meanings that clearly show how a few thousand basic building blocks are combined to form the several hundred thousand compounds in Japanese.
To further aid the learner, clear, complete, and accurate character meanings, illustrated by numberous compounds and examples, are grouped around the core meaning in a logically-structured manner that allows them to be conceived as an integrated unit. To make the dictionary a tool of real precision, it also provides full guidance for distinguishing between easily confused characters (synonyms and homophones).
Another unique feature is the introduction of SKIP, a new indexing system that enables the user to locate entries as quickly as accurately as in alphabetical dictionaries. Since the system can be learned in a very short time and does not require prior knowledge of kanji elements, this dictionary is an extremely convenient and easy-to-use reference tool.
Various other features distinguish this as the most in-depth Japanese-English character dictionary ever compiled.


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