An Intermediate-Advanced Level Cambodian Refresher Course

an intermediate-advanced level cambodian refresher course?

An Intermediate-Advanced Level Cambodian Refresher Course
Author: Purtle, Dale I.;
Publisher: DLI
Date: 1961
Pages: 1555
Format: pdf
Size: 31.8 MB
Target language: English
Source languages: Cambodian

This eight-volume audiolingual course in Standard Cambodian has been prepared for students who have completed either an introductory college-level course of one year or have had an intensive course of several months. Material in the first two volumes, “Book I–Part One” and “Book I–Part Two,” introduces the sound system with phonology drills and includes vocabulary practice, narratives, substitution drills, dialogs and dialog drills, grammar notes and drills, and translation tests. Material in “Book II–Part One,””Book II–Part Two,””Book III–Part One,” and “Book III–Part Two” appears in the form of spontaneous dialogs, substitution drills, and tests. Lessons in the two final volumes, “Book IV–Part One” and “Book IV–Part Two,” are made up of sections on interrogation practice, military terminology drills, and comprehension tests. The content of the material throughout the course reflects Cambodian culture. All texts, dialogs, and drills appear with English equivalents



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