Bilingual Medical Phrase Book in English and Cambodian – Khmer

bilingual medical phrase book in english and cambodian?
Bilingual Medical Phrase Book in English and Cambodian – Khmer
Author: Vuong G Thuy, Ph.D.
Publisher: Indochinese-American Council
Publication date: 1994
Number of pages: 130
Format: PDF / ERIC – readable
Size: 2,04 MB

This guide offers Cambodian refugees and immigrants with limited English proficiency a short-cut, word-for-word bilingual reference tool for dealing with medical problems and situations in English-language environments. Seven chapters deal with different issues of the medical encounter and five appendixes present specialized terms and illustrations. An English-Cambodian glossary is provided. Topics covered include why and when to see a doctor, at the doctor’s office, how to fill out patient forms, in the examining room, prescriptions and following them, making an appointment, and telephoning the doctor in an emergency. Specialized appendixes list types of medical specialists and their definitions; parts of the body; major internal organs and bones; common health problems, diseases, and infections; and the glossary. (Adjunct ERIC Clearinghouse for ESL Literacy Education) (NAV)


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