Introduction to Cambodia and the Khmer Language

introduction to cambodia and the khmer language1?

Introduction to Cambodia and the Khmer Language
Publisher: Corps Foreign Language Training Center
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Cambodia is a land known for its abundance of strength, spirit and stoicism. It is located in Southeast Asia, and occupies a total of 181,040 square kilometers (69,900 square miles or about the size of Missouri). Approximately 176,520 square kilometers of this is land and 4,520 square kilometers is water. It is commonly bordered to the north by Thailand and Laos, to the east by Vietnam, to the south by Vietnam and the Gulf of Thailand and to the west by the Gulf of Thailand and Thailand. Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia. It has an area of 290 square kilometers and is the major center of administration, commerce, communication, culture, economy and education of Cambodia. Over two million Cambodians reside in Phnom Penh, and thus make the city a lifeline of the Cambodian economy. Other major cities within Cambodia are Batdambang, Siem Reab, Kampong Cham, Kampot and Kampong Saom.

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