Modern Spoken Cambodian

modern spoken cambodian?
Modern Spoken Cambodian
Author: Huffman, Franklin
Publisher: Yale
Number of pages: 423/470
Publication date: 1970
Format: pdf/mp3
Size: 13 MB + 307 MB

Classic textbook for learning Cambodian. The transcription used, Yale, differs a bit from the FSI/DLI system, but a full table describing the differencies can be found in FSI Comtemporary Cambodian Introduction. About 50 pages are missing from the text but that is how it was given to me. Being in China, unfortunately I have no access to the original printed material. so if anybody have would have the possibility to scan and upload the missing pages, I would be grateful

Part 1
Part 2
mirror Part 1
mirror Part 2
mirror Part 3
Remarks: Target language: Cambodian
Source languages: English

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