Korea culture Korean story

korea culture korean story-audio?

Korea culture Korean story
Author : Multicultural Society Institute
Book page : 224 pages
Supplement : Audio CD
Size: 17 MB

This book contains the experiences and know-how of Korean teachers who have taught foreign learners of Korean and women who have immigrated to Korea to get married. Acutely realizing the need for cultural teaching material that can provide practical assistance to learners of Korean in the education field, the authors wrote this book to focus on the easier and more practical aspects of Korean culture. Based on storytelling scenarios, this book is divided into lifestyle culture, language culture, custom culture, art culture, and traditional culture, and it also contains language and information that can be applied in various situations. While following the main characters’ stories in this book, learners will be able not only to learn the Korean language but also to understand Koreans’ lifestyles and the ways that Koreans think. Korea culture Korean story

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