My Korean 1 & 2 + Full MP3 Collection

my korean 1 2 full mp3 collection?

My Korean 1 & 2 + Full MP3 Collection
Author(-s): Young-A Cho, In-Jung Cho
Publisher: Monash University
Publication date: 2009-2010
Number of pages: 450 + 490
Format / Quality: PDF + MP3 / Excellent
Language: English
Size: 375.4 MB

This textbook began its life as a personal collection of language activities which complemented the textbook Learning Korean: New Directions 1, used in some Australian universities including Monash University where we started teaching Korean in 1992. In 1995, this meagre collection grew into a textbook of its own entitled Let’s Speak Korean. The following year the book went through a major change when Douglas Ling, a former student of ours and a lecturer in Film Studies at RMIT University, started helping us to rephrase the grammar explanations to be more suitable for Australian learners.

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