Handbook for Teaching Lao-Speaking Students

handbook for teaching lao speaking students?

Handbook for Teaching Lao-Speaking Students
Author: Silay Bounkeo
Publisher: Folsom Cordova Unified School Dist
Publication date: 1989
Number of pages: 190
Format / Quality: PDF
Size: 7,39MB

Handbook for Teaching Lao-Speaking Students

The primary focus of this book is the Lao, the principal ethnic group of Laos, who form about one-half of the population of that country. Chapter 1 of the book outlines the recent history of Laos and the Laotians. Chapter 2 describes education in Laos up to 1975, schooling in Thai refugee camps, and problems encountered by Lao refugees in American schools. Chapter 3 provides an introduction to the Lao language, as well as information on other languages spoken in Laos. Chapter 4, “Recommended Instructional and Curricular Strategies for Teaching Lao-Speaking Students,” details the benefits of fostering and maintaining native language literacy among the Lao and discusses bilingual teaching methods. A bibliography contains references, suggestions for further reading, and lists of bilingual and Lao language materials (including videos). The appendixes list sources of educational materials and information, periodicals, Laotian community organizations, Lao character equivalents in four transliteration systems (excluding those of Russell Marcus and the Library of Congress), holidays, and special events celebrated in the Lao community. A glossary is also included.


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