Lao Basic Course, Volume 1, 2

lao basic course volume 1 2?Lao Basic Course, Volume 1, 2
Author: Yates W.G
Publisher: Foreign Service Institute
Publication date: 1970
Number of pages: 449
Format: pdf+MP3
Size: 19 MB+667MB

This book comprises a “set of guidelines for conversational interplay between students and their native-speaking Lao instructor. ” A student who successfully completes the course should be able to order a simple meal, ask for a room in a hotel, ask and give street directions, tell time, handle travel requirements, and use expressions of politeness. In addition, he should be able to discuss his work, his background, and current events. Based on Earl W. Stevick’s “microwave” format (see ED 012 897), there are 85 cycles or units in this text, normally requiring from 250 to 300 class hours to complete.

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