Reading Lao: A Programmed Introduction

reading lao a programmed introduction?
Reading Lao: A Programmed Introduction
Author: Yates, Warren G.; Sayasithsena, Souksomboun
Publisher: FSI
Number of pages: 492
Format: pdf/mp3
Size: 6.66 MB + 659 MB
Source languages: English
Target language: Lao

This text, the first of a two-volume course, is designed to accompany a set of tape recordings. Together, these materials comprise a fully self-instructional course in reading basic Lao. As such, the course is constructed with the following tenets in mind: (1) organization of material for presentation in a systematic fashion, (2) presentation of material in small increments, (3) frequent and varied repetition of points of information, (4) elicitation of correct responses, (5) provision for immediate confirmation of responses, and (6) guidance with respect to subject matter. There are approximately 1,600 activity “frames” in the course. Each is numbered and is to be performed in sequence. The materials are intended for students who have had a minimal introduction to spoken Lao whether within an organized program or from experience in a Lao-speaking environment. It is expected that anyone who completes this course would be able to read elementary written materials of all types with good facility, whether in connected text or not, and would be able to read intermediate materials with moderate use of the dictionary. At the beginning of the text, a chart is provided giving detailed instructions for the student. Any other guidance necessary is given on the tapes

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Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

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