Verbs and multi-verb constructions in Lao

verbs and multi-verb constructions in lao?

Verbs and multi-verb constructions in Lao
Author: N. J. Enfield,
Publisher: Max Planck Institute of Psycholinguistics – Nijmegen
Number of pages: 100
Format / Quality: PDF – Excellent
Size: 2.15 Mb

We already have the Lao Grammar, by the same author. However, you need to fully understand the subtlies of verbs, and particularly, multiverbs formation to really master the Lao language.

This work goes to the kernel of the problem, starting with a sentence: “the words of a merchant giving a sales pitch for her sausages”. Your Lao melts down facing such a sentence. It looks, as the author correctly states, a mere ‘string of verbs’.

But he proposes a solution to your dismay: such sequences in Lao can be analysed in terms of nested (usually binary) relationships!!!

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