An Easy Method for Beginners in Latin

an easy method for beginners in latin?

An Easy Method for Beginners in Latin
Author: Albert Harkness
Publisher: American Book Company
Publication date: 1890
Number of pages: 374
Format / Quality: pdf
Size: 10,5MB

The volume now offered to the public is intended to introduce the learner to such a practical and working knowledge of the Latin language as will enable him to read Caesar or Nepos with some degree of pleasure. The following are a few of the leading features of the work:1. This volume is not a mere companion to the grammar, but a practical guide for the pupil in the work of reading, writing, and speaking Latin. It approaches the language on its practical side. The very first lesson, without a word of grammar, introduces the learner to complete Latin sentences with verb, subject, and object. Thus at the veryoutset he finds himself already using the language. He is not only reading Latin, but actually writing and speaking Latin.2.


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