Concise Latin Grammar

concise latin grammar?

Concise Latin Grammar
Author: Benjamin L. D’Ooge
Publisher: New York, Ginn and company
Publication date: 1921
Number of pages: 435
Format / Quality: pdf
Size: 9,5 MB

The purpose of the author in preparing this book has been to provide, in as concise a form as possible, a Latin grammar which should be of equal service to the high-school pupil and to the college undergraduate. To meet the needs of the former the fundamental and essential facts of the language have been stated as simply as possible and have been given due prominence on an open page. Statements of secondary importance appear in smaller type and all material that would be confusing to the beginner has been relegated to footnotes, and these have been reduced to a minimum. At the same time the scope of the book is such as to include all that is needed for translation of authors usually read in college. There is an obvious advantage to the student in using the same grammar throughout his Latin course.


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