Grammatica latina storica e comparativa

grammatica latina storica e comparativa?Grammatica latina storica e comparativa
Author: Vittore Pisani
Publisher: Rosenberg & Sellier
Publication date: 1974.
Number of pages: 322
Language: Italian and latin
Format: djvu
Size: 7.8 Mb

This book is about history of latin language. It describes and explains all word forms, endings and language changes with examples from sanskrt, greek, slavic and other languages. Very useful tool for basic and advanced study of latin historical grammar, and also easily readable (even if you are not too familiar with italian language).
It has added bookmarks for easier handling.

Remarks: Part of collection; another part could be found here:/?category=ancbooks-ancient&altname=Le_lingue_dell_Italia_antica_oltre_il_latino

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