The History of Rome (Books 1-10)

the history of rome books 1-10?The History of Rome (Books 1-10)
Author: Titus Livy
Publisher: Audio Connoisseur
Publication date: 2010
Format: MP3@64 kbps 31 hrs 49 mins
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When Livy began his epic The History of Rome, he had no idea of the fame and fortune he would eventually attain. He would go on to become the most widely read writer in the Roman Empire and was eagerly sought out and feted like a modern celebrity. And his fame continued to grow after his death. His bombastic style, his intricate and complex sentence structure, and his flair for powerfully recreating the searing drama of historical incidents made him a favorite of teachers and pupils alike. Along with Virgil and Cicero, Livy formed the Latin triumvirate of essential studies for 2,000 years.
Hardly anyone who was educated was unaware of at least some of the more famous stories of Roman myth and history as told by Titus Livius. When completed, Livy’s magnificent work consisted of 142 “books” (i.e. long chapters) and covered the period from the mythical founding of Rome through the time of Augustus. Books 1 – 10 and 21 – 45 are all that have come down to us in reasonably complete form. Volume 1 consists of books 1 – 5, which takes us from the founding of Rome in the eighth century BC to its sack by the Gauls in 390 BC. The Audio Connoisseur series will eventually come to six volumes.
Livy continues his magnificent epic, with Rome in complete ruin after the Gallic invasion and sack of the city in 310 B.C. Led by Camillus, one of Rome’s great heroic patricians, the city regains her self-confidence and once more becomes the leader of the Latin people.

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