Alien Languages – Volume 1

alien languages - volume 1?

Alien Languages – Volume 1
Author: VV.AA.
Publisher: uztranslations
Publication date: 2009
Number of pages: 1383
Format / Quality: PDF – Excellent
Size: 27.8 Mb

A word of caution: if you dream of facing an alien, talk to her/him/it and convincing her/him/it to take you to Alpha Centauri or Betelgueuse, better do not read this book.

To start with, no planets have been identified in those sectors of the Universe. You should have chosen Virginis-7, or Deneb-5.

Now, if what you wonder is how natural languages evolve, how do we acquire a second language, what can AI tell us about language evolution, whether we can design an expert system to classify natural languages for us, or whether we can effectively build a complete grammar from fragmented textual evidence, then go and read this set of papers and theses.

And if you ever had a dream in which you happened to speak a strange language to strange beings… then keep on reading:

NASA/JPL release
16 November 2001

There were two Deep Space Network (DSN) tracking passes during the past week and all subsystems are normal. Stardust is currently 2.49 AU (231 million miles) from the Sun. Stardust is 3.35 AU (311 million miles) from the Earth, so the time it takes for a signal from Earth to reach the spacecraft is almost 28 minutes.

Stardust will reach its maximum distance from Earth on January 7, 2002 when it will be 3.59 AU (almost 334 million miles) from Earth.

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