Coordinating Constructions (Typological Studies in Language)

coordinating constructions typological studies in language?

Coordinating Constructions (Typological Studies in Language)
Author: Martin Haspelmath
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Co
Publication date: 2004
ISBN: 902722966X
Number of pages: 563
Format / Quality: rar -> pdf
Size: 2,41 Mb

Quote: “Volumes in this series will be functionally and typologically oriented, covering specific topics in language by collecting together data from a wide variety of languages and language typologies. The orientation of the volumes will be substantive rather than formal, with the aim of investigating universals of human language via as broadly defined a data base as possible, leaning toward cross-linguistic, diachronic, developmental and live-discourse data. The series is, in spirit as well as in fact,…”


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