Discourse Configurational Languages

discourse configurational languages?Discourse Configurational Languages
Author: various, edited by Kiss Katalin
Publisher: Oxford Unicersity Press
Publication date: 1995
Number of pages: 400
Size: 23 Mb
Format: pdf, excellent

Comprising eleven studies on languages with designated structural topic and focus positions, this volume includes an introduction surveying the empirical and theoretical problems involved in the description of this language type. Focusing on languages outside the traditional Indo-European group, the essays look at Chadic, Somali, Basque, Catalan, Old Romance, Greek, Hungarian, Finnish, Korean, and Quechua. The papers provide interesting new empirical data, as well as a variety of means and alternatives of representing them structurally. At the same time, they address important theoretical questions in the framework of generative theory. This is the first study to apply methods of comparative syntax to the study of topic and focus.


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