Political Language – Words that Succeed and Policies that Fail

political language - words that succeed and policies that fail?

Political Language – Words that Succeed and Policies that Fail
Author: Jacob Murray Edelman
Publisher: Academic Pr
Publication date: 1977-11
ISBN: 0122306627
Number of pages: 176
Format / Quality: PDF
Size: 66 MB

Political Language: Words That Succeed and Policies That Fail examines the role of everyday language, governmental rhetoric, and professional language in creating dubious beliefs about the causes, nature, consequences, and remedies for poverty and related social problems.The book analyzes the nature and dynamics of complex cognitive structures engendered in public officials, professionals, administrators, and the general public through recurring categorizations, metaphors, metonyms, and syntactic structures.

The focus is on the emergence and change of political cognitions that are nonempirically based and on the consequences for public policy of reliance upon symbolically engen dered perceptions and beliefs. Considerable attention is given to the role of the helping professions. The analysis helps us understand the reasons governmental and professional actions contribute to poverty and related social problems while trying to ameliorate them.


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