Regimes of Derivation in Syntax and Morphology

regimes of derivation in syntax and morphology?Regimes of Derivation in Syntax and Morphology
Author: Edwin Williams
Publisher: Routledge
Publication date: 2011
ISBN: 978-0415887236
Number of pages: 190
Format: pdf
Size: 1,5 MB

Regimes of Derivation in Syntax and Morphology presents a theory of the architecture of the human linguistic system that differs from all current theories on four key points. First, the theory rests on a modular separation of word syntax from phrasal syntax, where word syntax corresponds roughly to what has been called derivational morphology. Second, morphosyntax (corresponding to what is traditionally called “inflectional morphology”) is the immediate spellout of the syntactic merge operation, and so there is no separate morphosyntactic component. There is no LF (logical form) derived; that is, there is no structure which ‘mirrors’ semantic interpretation (“LF”); instead, semantics interprets the derivation itself.


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