Research in Applied Linguistics: Becoming a Discerning Consumer

Research in Applied Linguistics: Becoming a Discerning Consumer
Author: Fred L. Perry Jr.
Publisher: Taylor & Francis e-Library
Publication date: 2008
ISBN: 0805846840
Number of pages: 289
Format: PDF – zip – Excellent Quality
Size: 1,52MB

This text provides a solid introduction to the foundations of research methods, with the goal of enabling students and professionals in the field of applied linguistics to become not just casual consumers of research who passively read bits and pieces of a research article, but discerning consumers able to effectively use published research for practical purposes in educational settings. All issues important for understanding and using published research for these purposes are covered. Key principles are illustrated with research studies published in refereed journals across a wide spectrum of applied linguistics. Exercises distributed throughout the text encourage readers to engage interactively with what they are reading at the point when the information is fresh in their minds.
*Part I introduces the foundations necessary for becoming a discerning consumer. Research terminology is defined and illustrated. The thinking and process that researchers go through is explained and illustrated. The reader is shown how to find research articles through both traditional and electronic means. *Part II is structured around the standard format in which components of a typical research report appear in most research journals. Issues such as research design, data collection methods, and data handling procedures, are discussed at a level that is understandable and useful to the novice consumer.
Research in Applied Linguistics: Becoming a Discerning Consumer is designed so that it can be used as a text for courses in M.A.-TESOL/TEFL and applied linguistics programs. Course instructors will find that this book provides a strong framework in which to promote student interaction and discussion on important issues in research methodology. This book has been field tested during development and has proven to be an effective instrument for bringing people up to the level of ‘discerning consumer’ over a relatively short period of time.

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