Libertinage in Russian Culture and Literature

libertinage in russian culture and literature?Libertinage in Russian Culture and Literature
Author: Alexei Lalo
Publisher: brill
Publication date: 2011
ISBN: 9004211195
Number of pages: 210
Format: pdf
Size: 3 Mb

Much of the previous scholarship on Russia’s literary discourses of sexuality and eroticism in the Silver Age was built on applying European theoretical models (from psychoanalysis to feminist theory) to Russia’s modernization. This book argues that, at the turn into the twentieth century, Russian popular culture for the first time found itself in direct confrontation with the traditional high cultures of the upper classes and intelligentsia, producing modernized representations of sexuality. This Russian tradition of conflicted representations, heretofore misaddressed by literary history, emerges as what Foucault would call a full-blown bio-history of Russian culture: a history of indigenous representations of sexuality and the eroticized body capable of innovation on its own terms, not just those derivative from Europe.


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