The Cambridge Introduction to Jane Austen

the cambridge introduction to jane austen?

The Cambridge Introduction to Jane Austen
Author: Janet Todd
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: sept, 2006
ISBN: 0521858062
Number of pages: 162
Format / Quality: pdf
Size: 1 mb

Jane Austen is unique among British novelists in maintaining her popular appeal while receiving more scholarly attention now than ever before. This innovative introduction by a leading scholar and editor of her work explains what students need to know about her novels, life, context and reception. Each novel is discussed in detail, and all the essential information about her life and literary influences, her novels and letters, and her impact on later literature and culture is covered. While the book considers the key areas of current critical focus its analysis remains thoroughly grounded in readings of the texts themselves. Janet Todd outlines what makes Austen’s prose style so innovative and gives useful starting points for the study of the major works, with suggestions for further reading. This book is an essential purchase for all students of Austen, as well as for readers wanting to deepen their appreciation of the novels.

• Comprehensive overview of Austen’s life, work, contexts and reception • Written by a senior scholar and editor of Austen • Invaluable for those new to studying Austen’s work

Preface; 1. Life and times; 2.The literary context; 3. Northanger Abbey; 4. Sense and Sensibility; 5. Pride and Prejudice; 6. Mansfield Park; 7. Emma; 8. Persuasion; Afterword.


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