A number of articles on Maltese

a number of articles on maltese?

A number of articles on Maltese
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Arnold Cassola – On the Meaning of Gueri in Petrus Caxaro’s Cantilena (MH 8-1983)
Arnold Cassola – Sull’autore dei vv. 11-14 della Cantilena di Petrus Caxaro (MH 9-1986)
Hoberman – Verbal morphology of Maltese
Karine David – Le nombre en maltais
Martin Haspelmath and Sandro Caruana – Subject Diffuseness in Maltese
Martine Vanhove – Contacts de langues cas de maltais
P Grech – Are There Any Traces of Punic in Maltese (JMS 1961)
Ray Fabri and Albert Borg – Topic, Focus and Word Order in Maltese
Roderick Bovingdon – Maltese Maltraljan


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