Apprenez le maltais (Learn Maltese)

apprenez le maltais learn maltese?Apprenez le maltais (Learn Maltese)
Author: Carmen Dauga-Galéa
Publisher: Association “France-Malte” de Marseilles-Provence ?
Publication date: 1980
Number of pages: 53
Format: pdf (excellent quality — I scanned it myself 😀 )
Size: 4.44 Mb

Maltese resources are very rare. Here is a very “grammar driven” method to learn this language for French-speaking people. It’s a rather “old-fashion” method, and there is no audio support, but it’s short and very clear to get the basis of the language. It’s also a very rare book for collectors…
Maltese (Maltese: Malti) is the national language of Malta, and a co-official language of the country alongside English, while the language also serves as an official language of the European Union, the only Semitic language so distinguished. Maltese is descended from Siculo-Arabic (the Arabic dialect that developed in Sicily and the rest of Southern Italy), but with a large percentage of borrowed vocabulary from Italian (particularly Sicilian) and English. It is the only Semitic language written in the Latin alphabet in its standard form.
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