Beginning Maltese

beginning maltese?Beginning Maltese
Author: Lydia Sciriha
Publisher: University of Malta
Publication date: 2004
Format: Audio: Lame MP3, 128 Kbit/s, 44kHz, CBR 2 channels. Pdf: scanned
Size: Audio: 125 Mb, Number of pages: 2.19 MB

Password: uztranslations

Information about the audio:
Track 1: Lessons 1-3
Track 2: Lessons 4-6
Track 3: Lessons 7-9
Track 4: Lessons 10-12
In my opinion, sometimes the Maltese pronunciation here is a bit britishized, at least i’ve heard less English-like dentals and the trill.
Update: The book has been added as well. Enjoy this wonderful language.


Password: uztranslations

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