Mongol Kitad Toli |蒙汉词典|Mongolian Chinese Dictionary

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Mongol Kitad Toli |蒙汉词典|Mongolian Chinese Dictionary
Publisher: 内蒙大学古语文研究所 — Inner Mongolia University Institute of Ancient Languages
Year: 1999
ISBN: 7810740008
Pages: 1557
Format / Quality: pdf/good
Size: 44.6 MB
This is an extensive Mongolian Chinese dictionary with some 54000 citations. It uses a nice bold legible type for the Mongolian and each headword is accompanied by a transliteration and IPA phonetic pronunciation. Although it includes lots of compounds and phrases, there are no sample sentences — just definitions and explanations.
Useless without a strong knowledge of Chinese.
Thanks to Yeshua C. who originally found this.
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