Language Materials of China’s Monguor Minority:HUZHU MONGGHUL & MINHE MANGGHUER

language materials of chinas monguor minority huzhu mongghul minhe mangghuer?Language Materials of China’s Monguor Minority:

Author: Dpal-Idan-bkra-shis,Hu Jun,Hu Ping,Limusishiden,Keith SlaterKevin StuartWang Xianzheng,Zhu Yongzhong
Publisher: sino-platonic
Publication date: April 2009(PDF)
Number of pages: 275
Language:Mongghul/Mangghuer English
Format: PDF/excellent
Size: 14,6MB

Language Materials of China’s Monguor Minority:
The Huzhu Mongghul and Minhe Mangghuer1 language materials presented here are from Huzhu Mongghul Autonomous County and Minhe Hui and Mangghuer Autonomous County in eastern Qinghai Province, the Peopleos Republic of China. Other Monguor areas, that is Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County, Gansu Province and, in Qinghai, Datong Hui and Mongghul Autonomous County and Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, are not represented. We employ “Mangghuer” to refer to l1inhe Monguor and “Mongghul” to refer to Monguor residents of Huzhu, for these are the terms the people themselves employ. When we are unsure how people refer to themselves, we use “Monguor,’O which we also employ as a collective term to refer to all those classified as “Tu,,2by the Chinese government in the I950s.
The material is in the form of the alphabet, numbers, and the calendar; 30I sentences rendered in English, Huzhu Mongghul and Minhe Mangghuer; 900 sentences in English and Minhe Mangghuer; Huzhu Mongghul readings, language points, the text of a television program that taught English in Huzhu Mongghul in Huzhu County and a word list.
The Mongghul/Mangghuer materials are given in a modified Chinese pinyin system used previously to record Monguor (e.g., Li Keyu 1988; Zhu, Ujiyediin Chuluu, and Stuart 1995; Wang and Stuart 1995; Zhu and Stuart 1996; Zhu, Wang, and Stuart 1995).


Remarks: on youtube you can find the audio/video >> it begins at 6:21 on part 1(PDF page 96)
the full material has been posted in 14 parts on youtube
the whole course is bilingual, Mongghul/Mangghuer English

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